How We Work
From the start

ESTIMATING -  We consider everyone has a busy schedule and you want a quick estimate on your future project.  We can give you a preliminary estimate using pictures/videos of the cabinets that you would like us to refinish.

After this initial estimate is given and you feel our price meets your budgeted expectations, then we can schedule a At-Home Consult to confirm price. At this visit, we take the opportunity to show you sample of our work, go over processes and answer any questions that will help you make the best decision.

Once the project is approved, then we proceed to the next step of the planning process.

NOTE:  previously painted cabinets require in person estimating. 

planning process

COLOR CONSULTING - As we prepare and schedule your project in our calendar. The most important part of this planning process is the Color Consulting.

Our color consultant will meet with you for a session to go over color options for your cabinets.  We have samples of top colors that have been provided great results in the many homes we have visited. But of course each kitchen is different and requires that special touch of color that works for your space.  Certainly, we do not have to limit our session with picking color for your cabinets. We can also give you some advice if you were considering to change i.e. backsplash, countertop, flooring and even wall paint. 

NOTE: Good moment to get advice on handles and hinges.


1ST DAY  -  When we arrive at a your home, we will start with the removal & labeling of the doors/drawer panels to be refinished off site. Then continue to cover your kitchen space i.e.. floor, countertop, appliances, walls, ceilings and shield the kitchen from the rest of the house.

NOTE: We do require clients to remove everything from kitchen area. 

2ND & 3RD DAY -  After carefully preparing the area where we will be painting. We start with degreasing and sanding the frames. This will ensure that we prepare our surface to allow good adhesion of the primer and paint. Upon completion of this part of the work, we are ready to paint.

Our next step is to prime and during this process we ensure that the finished coat of primer looks its best to put on the paint color.

3RD & 4TH DAY  -  Depending on how far we got along in the process sometimes we may need one more day. Whether it is to ensure that we have the finish we desire or perhaps to allow paint to dry and leave the work area clean. 

NOTE: Some touch up maybe noticed but no worries we will take care of that at a later time. Now lets' have the paint dry.


Installation Day 

THE BEST PART -  Once we have completed the transformation of your doors/drawers, we are ready to install. We will schedule an installation date and bring everything back, We will inspect your frames to ensure that we did not miss anything and once install make sure that the look is complete.

NOTE: Remember during the curing process we just ask that you are careful with your cabinets for the first 15-20 days. 

closeup of cabinet.jpg

TIMELINE: At Client's HOME: average of 3-4 Days from Preparation to Final Coat and cleaning. At OUR SHOP:  after completing work at your home, we take an average of 2-3 weeks to finish and schedule to install back everything back.

Screen Shot 2018-12-14 at 2.10.23 PM.png

OUR SPECIAL PROJECT: The project you see above was a special project where we had to strip the existing paint because of how many layers it had and in order to provide the best quality finish.  This means we can start fresh and with a clean surface. Another thing we also had to do in this kitchen is remove the cork like knobs and use a very special wood putty that we found created that covered the gigantic hole left by the cork because we had to re-drill in the same location to install the satin finish knobs you see now.  The kitchen transformation was amazing. It required a lot of work of course but it turned out beautiful.  We do encourage people before tackling a project like the cabinets on their own to do some research and determine if they not only have the right products but the time it is needed to get the job done right.

Pic 20.JPG

of the cost
total NEW



SPECIALTY FINISH: This client's kitchen had a pinstripe glaze finish on their cabinets but thru the years the colors were dated and she wanted a fresh look. Well that is what we did and freshen up the look and glazed with pinstriping again choosing a less yellow color of course to bring the elegance back to the cabinets making the kitchen look modern.  Pinstripe glaze or any other design is a hand painted and artistic finish that required precision and patience to get each look uniform. Certainly the outcome is fantastic once is done for these type of projects.