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How We Work

1. Estimate

Considering getting your kitchen refreshed? The first step would be to send us an estimate request! Our team will communicate with you seamlessly to get your project started.

2. Planning

Our color consultant will meet with you for a session to go over your color options, as well as look at handles and hinges. Our team can also discuss countertops, backsplash, flooring and even wall paint if you were considering changing those items! 

3. Job Site

Day 1

We will ask you to remove as much from your kitchen area so that we can remove and label the doors and drawers to be refinished off site. Our team will then cover your kitchen space i.e.. floors, counter tops, appliances, walls, and ceilings so that they are protected.

3. Job Site

Days 2 & 3

After preparing your kitchen, we will being degreasing, cleaning and sanding the frames of your cabinets so that they can be primed and then painted! 


*We may need an extra day depending on the size of your kitchen*

4. Installation Day

Once the doors and drawers have been refinished and completed, we are ready to install! We will reach out to you to schedule an installation date that works best for you! 


*For the first 15-20 days please be careful with your cabinets, as they are still curing*

Rough Timeline

At your Home: Average of 3-4 days from preparation to cleaning and final coat.

At our Shop: After finishing work at your home, we take an average of 2-3 weeks to complete the cabinets and schedule a date to reinstall everything.

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