How We Work
From the start

ESTIMATING -  We make it easy for you to get a preliminary estimate by having you send us photos of your kitchen and a count of your cabinet doors and drawers. Next, we will come to your home at your convenience and finalize your estimating process. I will make note of observations and details we need to know to complete the work. 

2 weeks min prior to start date

COLOR CONSULTING - One key step that completes the planning is the Color Consulting. We will schedule you 1 hour with our Professional Color Consultant to go over cabinet color, handles and can include other changes that are being planned in the kitchen i.e. backsplash, countertop, flooring and even wall paint. 

NOTE: a good moment to consider hiding hinges if they are exposed.

1st day on the job site

DOORS & DRAWERS -  We will label & remove all of your door/drawers and take them to our shop. There, 

your doors/drawers will receive the ultimate transformation because they go through a rigorous preparation process from degreasing, sanding, priming before we get to the painting. 

1st & 2nd day 

BASE CABINET  -  We carefully prepare the area where we will be painting by covering your floors, walls, appliances & can creating a plastic wall to isolate dust to the rest of the house. Then we degrease, sand, repair wood, prime and paint. Upon completion of our work, we will  clean up so that you can have use of your kitchen again. 

NOTE: major repairs may need to be made by our carpenter at a later time before installation.


Installation Day 

THE BEST PART -  Once we have completed the transformation of your doors and drawers at our shop, we schedule an installation date & time. We will inspect your base cabinets to ensure that we did not miss anything and once install make sure that the look is complete.

NOTE: If we missed and painted your wall no worries we will touch it up just have the paint available for us.  

TIMELINE: At Client's HOME: average of 2 Days from Preparation to Final Coat and cleaning. At OUR SHOP:  an average of 2-3 weeks from the day we remove your doors and drawers from your home to the day of installation.

OUR SPECIAL PROJECT: The project above we had to strip paint because of how many layers of paint it had. To ensure best quality finish is starting from the beginning. Another thing we also had to do in this kitchen is remove the cork like knobs and use a special wood putty that we found that covered the gigantic hole left by the cork because we had to re-drill to install the satin finish knobs you see now. 

Pic 20.JPG

of the cost
total NEW



SPECIALTY FINISH: Client had like the pinstripe glaze finish on their cabinets but thru the years the colors were dated and she wanted a fresh look. Well that is what we did and freshen up the look and glazed with pinstriping.