About Us
Karim Grace
Owner/Project Manager

After working over 15 years in the hospitality industry, I always had a desire to own a small business. Today, I am a mother, wife and a small business owner of Cabinet Paint by Design in Fairfax, VA. This business would not have been possible without the support of my husband who for a long while was my "installation specialist". I also thank our customers who have supported our business thru their patronage and referrals. Most importantly, I believe that God had this plan for me and have been grateful because it has opened up doors and opportunities I never dreamt before. This journey was certainly not easy for me but when you see the transformations and get the feedback from our customers then the challenges faced make this journey all worth it.


Moises "Moy" & our own version of McGuiver 
Shop Supervisor/Master Painter/Carpenter

Moy has been part of our team since 2018. His primary role is to manage the transformation of the kitchen cabinets in our shop.  He is an extraordinary professional who has mastered the art of painting which shows thru the excellent work he delivers for our customers. He has a passion for carpentry and we have slowly been exploring in this area giving our customers an opportunity to enhance their transformation with their kitchen cabinets.  

Project Supervisor

Yeni joined us going in 2018 and quickly learned all aspects of the job but had main focus on the final product. Now, Yeni's focus is to ensure that jobs are well coordinated between our clients and the crew and we take care of every detail that is important to complete the work successfully. Recently, Yeni has been responsible of handling our special projects and guiding others through stain and specialty finishes and we hope that with continued training in the future we can offer a more customized service to our clients.  

Job Site Leader 

Rony joined us back in Summer of 2019 and worked for the season and then came back in the beginning of 2020. Rony fills many roles assisting others to get the job completed. Rony has a talent for technology and the ability to put together mechanisms that require patience and precision.  As he has evolved he has been the person who is responsible for spraying inside the house when the job requires this special skill. 

Installation & Shop Assistant

Vanesa joined us in 2021. Vanesa is our Installation Assistant. She is in charge of ensuring that every kitchen we complete with satisfaction. She has been learning many aspects of our business from assisting us in our Social Media but also learning on special projects that come up.  Vanesa is always ready to be challenged with a smile.

Job Site Leader 

Walter join us in late 2020. His primary role is to transform the base of the cabinets in the customers' home always ensuring that we provide quality finish. Walter also has to ensure that anything removed gets to our shop labeled and that we capture all the details that make the work complete. Walter has such a "yes" spirit that is a great quality to have and gives me the confidence to know our customers are in great hands.

Shop & Job Site Assistant

Esmeralda and I met working for the hotel industry in 2006 and years later we still keep in touch even though I have left the industry many years ago.  Esmeralda is a great addition to our team where she will provide assistant not only in the shop but also at the job site. She has a bubbly personality and is a joy to work with. 

Sarah Collins.jpg
Interior Design/Color Specialist

Sarah joined our team in the Fall of 2020. By adding her level of expertise it as been an valuable service to our clients who may be embarking into a project of refinishing their kitchen cabinets. Picking the best color for your cabinets can be tricky because you have to take into consideration many factors such as lighting and countertop color. So with every kitchen refinishing project we have our clients meet with Sarah for 1 hour to go over color options. 

Quality Control Specialist & My Right Hand @ Home

Luz and I met working for the hotel industry in 2005. Then in 2016 when I needed someone to help me at home with my kids, I immediately thought of her because of her work ethics & the level of trust that I had in her from the beginning. In our journey is how she witnessed the birth of Cabinet Paint by design as an official business from day 1. While Luz's primary role is caring for my kids while I work. We also gradually saw a request to offer a complete service of degreasing & deep cleaning cabinets and this is an area where Luz is an expert in the field.