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Deep Clean & Repair
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EXTERIOR/INTERIOR -  We will degrease your cabinets inside and outside making sure that we get to the places where most of the grease gets concentrated to leave it completely clean.


HANDLES/HINGES -  Hinges are the backbone of how doors close correctly. We can replace broken hinges or convert when possible to UPDATE the look of your cabinets. 

Handles are an important part of your cabinets. While it adds that final touch to the look, it plays an important role in the wearing of the wood and also the caring of the wood/paint and eliminating the oils that we have on our hands.


CABINETS  -  Doors, drawers and even shelvings get constantly used. Doors get either broken or wood starts coming loose. Drawers give many times at the railing and shelvings hold heavy items. We will repair anything cabinet related to continue to give you the functionality that it is meant to do.



THE MORE -  We can install contact paper, we can add NEW handles to doors & drawers. We can install Crown Molding to your top cabinets for a more elegant look. We can help you help you improve the functionality to your cabinets.


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