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Handles & Hinges
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Handles are the cabinet jewelry!

Hinges can be forgotten but we know that they play an important role. When updating the look of your cabinets consider matching the hinges to the handles particularly when the hinge is exposed. This way not only are you completing the look of your update but also you are improving the functionality when perhaps those hinges have seen better days and may be in need of replacement.

However, buying hinges can be tricky. Some are hidden behind the doors and some are not. So, depending on the type of hinges you have is how they can be replaced. 

Below I have compiled different type of hinges that are still found in many cabinets today. Also, with time many have discontinued but we can certainly help find the right one for you.

Door handle locations

Standard placing of handles on doors & drawers

Bar pulls.jpg

35 mm standard concealed


          Exposed hinges 

Inset Hinge.jpg
Take a careful look at the hinge before you order. Some doors are not adapted to make easy conversions to new and updated hinges but the original can be changed to improve the look.

EURO Soft closing  hinge

Regular 35MM hinge

These are Inset hinges which are not very common and hard to find the exact replacement because they come in a couple of varieties. 

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